A tranquil walk in #Cimiez

Cimiez is one of the most exclusive areas of Nice, something that you understand quite quickly when you’re walking the small quiet streets, or even the big boulevard lined with tall green trees. Lovers of fine architecture are charmed by Victorian palaces or those of the Belle Epoque, such as the Régina with its statue of Queen Victoria, the Alhambra and its minarets or the Riviera Palace, with its sumptuous garden ... A little tour in the park les Arènes de Cimiez, where almost 2000 years ago the Romans installed their thermal baths and where it is possible to visit the ruins, via the archaeological museum. In this park the traditional Niçoise festival "Lu mai" is celebrated annualy; except this year, of course, we celebrated it on Zoom on our balcony, with all the panoply ... A visit of the Matisse museum and a small detour to admire the magnificent rose garden of the monastery, which still houses real Franciscan friars. And finally, it will soon be possible to return to the excellent local little restaurant – Coté Sud!

#Nice #Cimiez #RivieraKeys

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