How to buy new constructions on the French Riviera

We have been working closely with local developers and builders for many years

Riviera Keys has been working closely with local developers and builders for many years and for this reason we can guide you through your process of acquiring new properties on the French Riviera at no additional cost. We offer a wide selection of off-plan properties throughout the region, houses in Mougins or new apartments with sea views in Nice.

Advantages of buying a new home

The sale of new properties - in French "VEFA" or "Vente en Etat Futur d'Achèvement" is strictly regulated by French law. Buying a new construction has many advantages:

 - Reduced transaction fees, around 2% (instead of 7 to 8% for existing properties)
 - Reduced property tax for the first two years
 - Ten-year guarantee on the structure
 - Two-year warranty on electrical installations
 - Strict building regulations according to the latest standards
 - Choice of tiles and in some cases specific adaptations
 - Completion guaranteed by a bank

We offer you an adapted and reliable service throughout the transaction and at no additional cost. We manage the relationship with the builder and help you choose the kitchen, the tiles and the floor. We also accompany you with the bank, the notary, insurance, etc... until the signature at the notary, and sometimes well beyond.

The purchase of a new property in several stages:

1. Research and visits
2. Reservation of the property and payment of a deposit
3. Signature of the final deed at a notary. Implementation of the payment schedule, depending on the state of progress of the construction:

Typical schedule:

Maximum 5% deposit upon the reservation
35% of the total price upon completion of the foundations
70% of the total price when the building is watertight
95% of the total price at the end of the work
5% remaining on delivery

4. Delivery, full payment.

Contact us to find out about current and future new programmess, or to obtain more information on a VEFA purchase in the region!

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