How to buy on the French Riviera

The buying process begins at the same time that you consider buying a property on the French Riviera.

How does the acquisition of a property in France take place? This process is quite different from that of the Nordic countries for example. Here we explain the main points.

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Before starting the search for the property of your dreams, it is important to think about a few essential points, which will save you time. Of course, the sales agent is there to help you answer any questions you may have.

  • What use will you make of the property? Main residence, secondary residence, rental investment?
  • What location? Do you prefer to live in the city centre close to everything, or a quiet location outside the urban bustle? Metropolis or village? Do you need parking. Would you like a sea view?
  • What kind of property? Villa or apartment?
  • What is your overall budget? Do not forget that added to the cost of the acquisition are the notary fees (about 8%), the administrative costs, the credit costs, the costs of renovation, etc. Calculate the current expenses of your property: condominium fees, electricity, taxes...
  • What funding? Are you going to apply for a loan or not?
  • Who buys? If it is a family, the creation of an SCI is recommended.
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The method of property hunters:

We have access to almost all the properties for sale in our sector, thanks to collaborations between agencies such as MLS, Apimarket, etc. Let us define your search criteria together and let us take care of the rest!

You will have a single interlocutor who speaks your language and who will have access to the same properties as any other real estate agent. Thanks to our perfect knowledge of the region, we make a first selection for you, which avoids unnecessary visits and saves time. This service is not an additional cost for the buyer, so why deprive yourself of it!

We help you in the negotiation and we accompany you until the completion at the notary, and sometimes well beyond.

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Purchase in 4 steps:

  • 1. Research and visits
  • 2. Written offer binding the seller
  • 3. Compromise of sale or promise of sale
    • Deposit of 5 to 10%
  • 4. Final agreement with completion at a notary, between two to three months later
    • Full payment
    • Access and keys

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