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We all experienced the unexpected lockdown in our own way. On the French Riviera, as the weather is almost always good and that we often have outside space, at least we were able to go outside for the daily hour that was authorized ...
Since the end of the lockdown we have noticed a demand for houses with gardens, or apartments with a terrace or balcony. Whether it concerns holiday homes in our sunny region, or real life-changing projects, a sort of a return to nature - the demand is there! An update with Patricia Toohey, our specialist of houses with a garden in the Var:

Patricia, in your opinion, what is the main reason for this recent increased demand for houses?
People are looking for space, they want to breathe, especially if they spent the lockdown in an apartment in town. Here in the Var we have exactly that – lots of space!

Where does the clientele come from? Are they working or rather retired?
Clients come from big cities like Paris, Lyon, Nice and Monaco. They are mostly retired people, but I also see a younger and active population, people who realized that they had the possibility of working from home and who even got a taste for it. Many people have enjoyed not taking the car every day, thus avoiding traffic jams, pollution and saving time ...

What are the most popular towns or villages?
Lorgues and Les Arcs for the proximity to the train station. La Garde Freinet for its authentic charm and Sainte-Maxime for its seaside.

What advice would you give to people who wish to buy a villa in the Var?
You must be well informed about the location of the property and its surroundings - I am there to guide you! Remember to visit the house and make a tour of the village at least two or three times and at different times of day.

Do you have a favourite place in the Var?
I love all hilltop villages!

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