Bathroom makeover

The bathroom or the shower remains one of the costliest rooms, in terms of renovation.
Count on a minimum of 5,000 €- 7,000 €, including renovation works, for a medium-sized bathroom, and choosing medium range quality fittings. But there are cheaper solutions, if you just want to freshen up your bathroom, or enhance it before selling your property for example, or simply because you want to change your decoration.

There are special, good quality paints for painting directly on tiles. A great idea, because tiling is one of the highest budget points in the renovation of a bathroom. If the tiles are still in good condition but the joints are blackened, you can cheat using a joint pen to give them a face lift.

Sanitary facilities
There are even paints for sinks and tubs. These are a little more difficult to apply and give off a strong odour - in this case, remember to air the room sufficiently... If you are still hesitant to embark on repainting the sanitary facilities, you will find new ones at very attractive prices in large DIY stores. Sometimes it is enough to simply change the taps, for either a more modern or a more vintage touch.

Likewise, you can either change or repaint the furniture in your bathrooms. As with a kitchen, you might only need to change the doors.

To refresh the appearance of the floor, opt for PVC tiles or linoleum glued to your ancient floor tiles. There are also cement tile imitation vinyl floor coverings, very popular at the moment.

Change the shower curtain, or replace it with a more modern glass shower screen. Decorate your bathroom with a few green plants, scented candles, pretty soaps… decoration plays a huge role.
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