Buying a villa with pool on the Riviera

During the second half of 2020, we noticed an increased demand for villas with pool and garden. Many had realized that working from home, even if it was imposed at first, can actually function really well. To avoid traffic jams in the morning, to gain both time and money by avoiding travel back and forth to the workplace, and at the same time help to preserve the environment. Many got to know their immediate surroundings better due to the restrictions and this raised questions about where and how one actually wants to live.


Advantages of a villa with pool and garden:

Work from home and adapt your working hours to your family life instead of the other way around.

Invite to a relaxed apéritif or set the table for many in the garden.

Stay by the pool during hot summer days and avoid crowdy beaches.

Let your children or grandchildren play outside in the garden and invite their friends.

Decorate a guest room for friends and family who come to visit.

Grow your own vegetables. Take a nap or read your favourite book in the shade under the olive trees.


Things to keep in mind when buying a villa

  • How far is it to the nearest grocery store and other service facilities such as doctors, clinics ...?
  • How often am I willing to take the car?
  • What are the maintenance fees? Do I need a gardener, help with the pool?
  • What type of heating is in the house and what is the monthly cost for it?
  • Who looks after the house when I'm not there? Neighbours? Riviera Keys can put you in touch with an excellent concierge service.
  • If I want to build a pool, it is important to find out beforehand if the plot allows it. (Soil depth, etc.)
  • If the house is remote, is it connected to the municipal sewer system?

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