#differences in our interiours

Whether you are a permanent resident here in France or own a holiday home, you surely have been confronted with the big philosophical question: Why aren’t there any holes in the top of the duvet sheets in France? What's that all about? Everyone knows that it is much more practical to put on the duvet sheets when there are holes in them. When you point this out to the French, you are surprised to discover that actually, they disagree. In fact, it has gone so far that a well-known Swedish furniture store has received complaints from angry customers about broken duvet sheets. Of course, this is not the only difference in our homes. A small selection of surprised reactions we often get from Scandinavian customers: Why is there no toilets in the bathroom? Well, the French think it's more convenient to have separate toilets. Why is there no floor well in the kitchen? No idea, can certainly be handy when the washing machine overflows. Why are many French apartment kitchens so small? The French like to have the dining table in the living room rather than next to the sink, but we see a clear development towards so-called "American" open kitchens. Why are there no windowsills - where should I put my flower pots? On the balcony - it's warm outside. Are there any thresholds? No, not often. How come not everyone is equipped with air conditioning although the temperature sometimes rises up to 40° C in the summer? For the same reason that we can see both Scandinavian tourists in shorts and flip flops and French ladies in fur coats at the Promenade des Anglais in March. Everything is a matter of habit!
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