Gain #space

You need a spare bedroom or an office, but you don't want to move and of course you can't move the walls ... keep calm, interior designers are deploying treasures of ingenuity and there are many possibilities to arrange your interior and optimize your square meters, according to your needs.

1. The planètedé site presents a multifunctional living room in Lyon. The living room has been divided into two parts, one of which acts as an office, thanks to a separation that gives the illusion of an independent room.
2. You have a deep closet, or a walk-in closet that could be used as an office. Instead of feeling like you're working in a closet, replace its doors with glass doors that let in light, like here.
3. You can install a screen in your living room, to create the feeling of a secluded and more private corner.
4. If you have a high ceiling, as is often the case in Nice in the old bourgeois apartments, you can create an office space or a spare bedroom in height, thanks to a mezzanine.
5. The icing on the cake - that's right, we said you can't move your walls ... But in fact, you can, by using these nifty movable partitions that slide on rails.


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