#Moose on the Riviera

Animals, other than seagulls and chihuahua dogs, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about the French Riviera. In fact, you do not have to travel longer than an hour or two (driving is not so fast on the winding roads) uphill to the mountains to actually enjoy an incredibly rich wildlife and nature. In Saint Martin-de-Vésubie there is the famous Parc Alpha park, which houses a large wolf flock. An exciting and reasonably adventurous day trip. For those of you who are even more adventurous there are breath-taking hiking trails in the Mercantour National Park - during a hike in the so-called Vallée des Merveilles, “the valley of wonders” on the border between Italy and France you can encounter both Eagles, ground hogs, ermines and alpine ibex ... Somewhat closer, on the Caussols plateau above Grasse is the nature reserve La réserve biologique des Monts d'Azur, which offers, among other things, buffalo safaris. In this park, the incredible happened just days ago, when the first moose calf was born in the area in more than 2000 years! Congratulations and good luck to this little one, which makes us Scandinavians feel a little more like home.
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