Penthouses and top floors

For those of you who are aiming for that little extra when it comes to buying property on the French Riviera, a penthouse is usually the obvious choice. The term penthouse is used to describe an apartment that is located at the top floor of a property, usually the only apartment on the floor, with a large terrace, sweeping views and high standard fittings and installations. The materials chosen during construction are usually exclusive, the ceiling height is a little higher and sometimes the elevator also serves the apartment directly via a private key.


Not all apartments on the top floor are penthouses, but the last floor is always sought after and top floor apartments generally do not stay on the market for long. The top floor is the most expensive when it comes to the price per square metre, but it is a relatively safe investment as this type of property is always in demand.


A penthouse is sometimes called a "villa on the roof", because it gives the feeling of living in a villa – up high!

Advantages with penthouses and top floor apartments

  • A penthouse entails a certain social status and is a highly sought-after type of apartment on the Riviera.
  • The exclusive feeling of living in a villa, but without all the disadvantages that it brings in terms of maintenance, and usually a very central location close to everything, which you might not be able to find in a classic villa.
  • The view is an important point. Virtually all penthouses have panoramic views in several directions, many with sea views.
  • You are not disturbed by neighbours above and in a real penthouse neither by neighbours next door.

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