Un historical eye on the Cap d’Antibes

The Cap d’Antibes Peninsula is one of the Riviera’s most sought-after areas when it comes to buying a second home. Owning a property on Cap d’Antibes entails a certain social status. It is quite easy to understand why the area is so coveted when you discover the beautiful, wild coastline, the lush residential areas and the lovely sandy beaches. Here are many exceptional, historic buildings, such as:  

Villa Eilenroc, built by the architect Charles Garnier in the mid-19th century (the name is a tribute to his wife Cornelie, Eilenroc backwards).
Concerts and more exclusive receptions are still organized here today.

Château de la Croë, a 1920s palace-like building that housed, among others, the British Duke of Windsor after abdicating from his title as HRH King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, is today owned by a Russian billionaire.

 Villa Thuret is another historic building, best known for its incredible botanical garden, that can still be visited today.


Villa Sous Le Vent is another architectural gem, that have housed several famous personalities.

Villa sous le vents’ terrace, photographed by Jean Giletta

Our very own Johanna Malmberg, who specializes in Antibes and Juan-les-Pins, is particularly interested in historic buildings. She markets Villa Spérata, right at the beginning of Cap d’Antibes. The house was built during the first half of the 18th century and is one of the older buildings on Cap d’Antibes with 250 m² of living space, garden and sea views.



Read more about Villa Spérata.
-This is a unique opportunity to acquire a historic building on Cap d’Antibes, says Johanna. This type of property does not often go on sale on the official real estate market. I also have another exciting item for sale at Cap d’Antibes; a 1930s villa, built by British actress Lilian Harvey!


Lilian Harvey's 1930s villa on Cap D’Antibes, for sale via Johanna Malmberg.

Read more here.

Photo: @ filmfrance.net, @wikipedia, @ savoir-alpesmaritimes.fr, @ art-rnmgp.fr, Riviera Keys

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