Zucchini blossoms #localproduce

What a pleasure to be able to go to the market again, whether it is the Liberation market in Nice, the Forville market in Cannes or the Provençal market in Antibes… Buying fresh zucchini blossoms, one of the region's specialties, served fried with a salad and a few pieces of Mozzarella, a real treat! Quite unknown, zucchini blossoms are easy to cook, following our recipe:
Put about 200 g of wheat flour in a bowl and pour in the milk (1 small glass), whisking it until you get a liquid dough, but still quite thick. Then break an egg in it and mix, add salt and pepper.
Cut off the tips of the flowers (remove any stinging parts), rinse well and dry. Heat sunflower oil in a pot, (or if you own a deep fryer, it’s perfect). Dip the flowers in the dough, drain, throw in the hot oil for a few seconds. The season for zucchini blossoms is short, so make the most of it!
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