A #fresh corner for the summer

The summer heat has arrived on the French Riviera and we now want to enjoy our exteriors!
There are many ways to make even a very small balcony or a large terrace, into a cosy fresh corner and often at a minor cost. What can really improve an apartment terrace is the installation of an automatic awning in order to be in the shade during the day and at the same time avoid being overlooked. The installation of an awning nevertheless entails a certain cost and it is essential to check the colour codes provided by the condominium before any installation ...
Meanwhile we list you the essentials (it is preferable to opt for a flagship colour, for example blue, green, black and white ...), in order to transform your terrace into a patio of a thousand and one nights:

-    Plastic or jute rugs! Embellish your balcony floor with one or more small vinyl rugs, mosaic tile print, for a vintage effect.
-    Plants! Opt for heat resistant plants (palm trees, banana trees, lavender, rosemary ...) or even plastic plants, if they are pretty, because they have the advantage of requiring less maintenance. A simple idea is to get an industrial palette, which you clean, place vertically against the wall and use it as a shelf for plants…
-    Pillows! Large cushions, to sit on the floor or chair cushions, if you have a large outdoor table and little space ...
-    Rattan or metal lanterns or candlesticks in an oriental spirit, to give a touch of "exotic vacation"!

You can find more inspiration here! 
Good decoration and good continuation, for this beautiful summer season!
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