Bellet, the Riviera's nearest vineyards

September is here and it's time for the wine harvest in Bellet, above Nice. Here lies a total of 10 vineyards gathered on the three hills Saquier, Crémat and Saint-Roman de Bellet. The Bellet wines get their special taste thanks to the proximity to both the sea and the Alps, in short it can be said that the differences in temperature between day and night make the grapes ripen more slowly, which develops their unique taste. The Bellet wines have had their own AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controllée) since the 1940s and the area produces up to 120,000 bottles of wine per year - red, white and rosé. The area has the great advantage that it is very accessible, if you are interested in a tour of the domain or a wine tasting, which most of the wine producers offer. Of course, everyone also sells their production on site.  (Book in advance and always bring your face mask.)
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