How much will my real estate purchase really cost me?

By the time we set out to find our dream property, the majority of us already have in mind, more or less, an amount not to exceed for the purchase. It is also important to be well informed about and take into account all the additional costs in the acquisition of a property.

The price of the property
The displayed price, if the property is marketed by a real estate agency, is the net seller price plus the agency fees.

Notary fees
Notary fees are calculated on the purchase price, excluding agency fees, and amount to between 7 and 8% for existing properties and between 2 and 3% for new builds. 
Most notary fees are made up of different taxes and only a small part of the amount is destined to pay the notary.

If you apply for loan when buying property, in addition to your repayments, you will also have to pay administrative fees, warranty fees and insurance fees.

Renovation work?
Are you planning to undertake renovations in your new home? It might be wise to make an estimate, via a renovation professional, before making a purchase offer, since the bill can quickly climb ...

Renovation works in the condominium?
Are there significant costs to take into consideration in the condominium, such as a facade renovation or a new boiler? These elements are an important point when negotiating the price!

A successful move often comes at a cost. Take the time to compare the services and prices offered by several moving companies.

Do not hesitate to share your questions with your sales representative, who can help you negotiate your purchase at the right price.

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