#Summer greetings from Riviera Keys' president

Although we would like it be a normal summer, this summer on the French Riviera is not exactly like previous ones. There are lots of people on the beaches and in the restaurants but we feel the constraints of the corona crisis and social distancing and masks are necessary in shops and other public places.

Nice airport is opening up gradually, the Europeans are coming back and we realize, what we suspected the whole spring, that the Riviera is a very, very attractive place to visit or even better - to live on. We also realize that a lot of people want to acquire properties here. The market is active and we are doing many sales. For instance, we made a sale of almost seven million euros!

The Riviera Keys sales team is up and running and there is not much vacation for us! Our three offices are open again to the public since May 11.

So, what has changed on the market since the outbreak of the Corona virus? Most things are the same; people get married, have more children, need more space, or the opposite - get older, divorce, and need smaller spaces. And therefore need to move.

And the real estate market for secondary homes? There were some doubts during the confinement this spring that people would stop thinking about travelling and prefer to stay at home in their primary residences. But this was not at all the case: more than ever before owning a secondary home in a beautiful place like the south of France seems to be of high demand.

Finally, a few words about our new affiliation to the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. Since June 1, Riviera Keys is a member of this exclusive association, which we represent on the French Riviera. The association consists of the finest independent real estate firms in the world, with headquarters in Chicago, London and Singapore. Leading Real Estate is a referral network and a marketing and learning tool for real estate agents. The network consists of 550 real estate companies, 135 000 sales associates, 1,1 million sales a year and hundreds of cross border introductions of new clients every day between the member companies… The Leading Real Estate network is composed of "Local, market-leading brands with global connections". We are very proud of having been selected to be a member of this organization, which will increase the quality and quantity of our services offered to our buyers and sellers.

We wish you a lovely summer in spite of the constraints, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and hope to see you back on the Riviera very soon.  

Harald Starke

president of Riviera Keys

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